Great looking, long lasting wood products.

Quality German Engineering

Imported from Germany, Osmo products have been tried, tested and loved in Europe since 1876. Today, Osmo supplies a wide range of timber finish products for surfaces including floors, benchtops, decking and more. Their products contain an unusually high amount of pigments and oils which results in a much better coverage than their competitors, and because of this, their products endure and go the distance.

Unparalleled Timber Finishes

Intergrain products are designed for the demands of architects, trade painters and professionals. Providing long lasting performance and being environmentally responsible means they are widely specified by the industry. Intergrain products protect and enhance the natural beauty of timber, contain very low solvent levels to protect the environment, and are researched, developed and tested in Australia and New Zealand.

Premium Woodcare since 1877.

Founded in Massachusetts in 1877 by a European chemist, Cabots provides industry leading woodacre products with the same principles as their originating founder. With pride they manufacture a comprehensive range of stains, varnishes, clear finishes, oils, paints and polishes for the preservation and beautification of timber in your projects. Cabots provides the product and the details on how to do the job properly, every time.

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